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Justinas Sukaitis

Cyber Security Consultant

Justinas works on secure and privacy-enhancing biometric technologies, specialising in meeting the needs of the humanitarian sector. He is currently working on a joint International Committee of the Red Cross ( ICRC ). École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne ‐ ( EPFL ) project on the development of a privacy-by-design biometrics system, led by Prof. Carmela Troncoso’s SPRING Lab.

Justinas is a newly graduated Computer Science master student from EPFL, specialized in Cyber Security with a minor in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship. His Masters thesis was on the topic of “Privacy and Security of Biometric technologies and evaluating risks of Biometric Authentication Systems in Humanitarian Action”. He also holds a bachelor’s degree a in Computer Science from EPFL, with a specialization in Visual Computing.

During his bachelors and masters studies, Justinas focussed on Signal Processing laboratories: on Extra-Axonal models for axon distribution mapping with dMRI and learning directions from signals on graphs to improve traffic forecasting using neural networks. He also worked on group projects concerning N-party Multi-Party Computations engine in a semi-honest setting using Go language; the implementation of an anonymous authentication mechanism in Python using attribute based credentials; the design, implementation and evaluation in Python of a defence mechanism for location privacy Data visualization project in HTM5 and Javascript for histogram of Natural Disasters.

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