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Sophie Clavet

Senior Manager

Sophie provides advisory services on topics including data protection in humanitarian action, public-private partnerships, data transfers in the banking and civil aviation sectors and the use of technologies such as biometrics. She is a data protection and privacy expert in the area of international security.

Sophie previously worked for international organizations including Data Protection Officer at UNICEF in New York, Data Protection Adviser at the Headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Office of Legal Affairs of INTERPOL. She also worked as a Consultant for the Financial Market Integrity Unit of the World Bank and the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (Small Arms and Light Weapons Unit) and as a Legal Adviser (financial crime) at the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance.

Sophie has ten years of experience with the Government of France and international organizations in the area of data protection and international security that involved participation in representation (EU, UN), negotiation (national authorities, FATF) and operational support missions.

Sophie is trained in Common and Civil Law and holds an LL.M in American Law and a Masters degree in International and European Law. She is a Ph.D candidate and has been researching the area of AML/CFT and data protection laws with a strong focus on the public-private articulation in the banking sector. Her published research tackles the Passenger Name Record Agreement and the SWIFT Agreement.

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