Announcing our algorithm governance services


Announcing our algorithm governance services

To celebrate the launch of our algorithm governance services, we’re offering free algorithm audits, assessments or strategic advisory services up to the value of €5,000 to three organisations undertaking public interest work.

We’re open minded about what kind of organisation you are and the support you need.  Some examples could be:

  • A local council trying to implement an algorithm-enabled service, who would like to map algorithm harms and risks in collaboration with residents and community members.
  • A charity would like to integrate AI technologies and would like to address ethical concerns during system design
  • A start-up building a product or service in the public interest, who would like analysis of future obligations under the AI act and other regulatory initiatives.
  • An international body trying developing internal governance guidelines for its use of algorithms.

If you’d like to be considered, please email by June 30th with a brief description of who you are, your algorithm governance challenge, and your timeline. Depending on interest, we may ask for additional information or adjust timelines. We look forward to hearing from you.

Update: We’re now accepting applications on a rolling basis and not limiting it to three organisations — and will be prioritising and taking decisions on whether the project and timeline work for us and you. We’re excited about finding great partners so please get in touch.

Our algorithm governance services, formally launched today, include:

  • Algorithm impact and risk assessments
  • Design and implementation of AI ethics frameworks and governance structures
  • Documentation for algorithm transparency, explainability, and accountability purposes

Algorithm governance isn’t new for us; indeed, we’ve been doing it since we launched and have already supported companies, international organisations, charities and government bodies. Our team has:

  • Supported companies’ internal AI committees producing sector studies and strategic recommendations.
  • Supported engineering and technical teams in international organisations tasked with algorithm development.
  • Worked alongside civil society developing new regulatory frameworks for algorithm audit.
  • Briefed regulators in the UK and EU on algorithm audit methods.
  • Convened expert workshops for the European Commission to gather perspectives on algorithm audit requirements within the Digital Services Act.

We’re experts in technology governance and specialise in complex data processing environments and governance challenges, and we’re organised around a mission: to advance and support data rights.

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