Omidyar Network: Analysis of the EU’s CSAM-scanning legislation


Omidyar Network: Analysis of the EU’s CSAM-scanning legislation

The Omidyar Network is philanthropic foundation, based in the United States. They provide grants and investments to start-ups and not-for-profit organisations to create more inclusive and equitable societies.

In 2022 the European Commission published its legislative proposal to prevent and combat child sexual abuse. Different types of civil society organisations had very different assessments about the potential value of the proposal, both from a child rights perspective and a privacy rights perspective.

The Omidyar Network approached AWO to deliver an independent legal analysis of the CSAM-proposal and map different opinions among key stakeholders of the proposal.

Our strategic research and insight team helped the Omidyar team visualise the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities of different scenarios, and ultimately helped them decide on the way forward.

  • We researched and analysed the proposed CSAM-scanning legislation and visualised the positions of various stakeholders, including digital rights and children rights NGOs, the European Parliament, Member States governments and the European Commission.
  • We presented our findings in a facilitated workshop in Brussels, and proposed options on how our findings could inform their funding strategy for the next few years. We visualised all the possible options for interventions in these fields, across a wide spectrum of options.

AWO’s invaluable support was pivotal in developing our strategy. Not only is their deep expertise in EU regulatory matters unparalleled, but their dedication to upholding the promise of tech for good truly sets them apart. Being among the first law firms to focus on digital policy showcases their visionary approach. AWO’s insights and guidance were instrumental in our decision-making process, ensuring that our objectives were always aligned with the broader societal benefit. Their unwavering integrity positions them as esteemed leaders in the industry. - Wafa Ben-Hassine, Principal Responsible Technology, Omidyar Network