Call for Marketing and Communications Consultant

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Call for Marketing and Communications Consultant

Call for Marketing and Communications Consultant

AWO launched in January 2020 and has operated with a very minimal communications presence. Two years on, we are turning to developing a more proactive marketing and communications strategy and seeking an external consultant to design and implement a content strategy and social media strategy to support the agency’s communications function.

We would seek to appoint a consultant in May 2022, with a contract likely running over a 6-12 month timeframe.

Your data will be treated in accordance with our Employee & Contractor Data Processing Notice.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a content strategy telling the story about the work we do, and how we have impact.
  • Coordinate the creation & production of web content including articles and case studies.
  • Develop a lightweight social media strategy for our social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Manage website content updates using GitHub and Netlify (training will be provided).
  • Plan, create and manage email marketing newsletters and build a marketing database.

Application process

This call is now closed.

Please find the Terms of Reference which outlines the background for the consultancy and qualifications we are looking for. If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, please send the following to
* Name, address, and contact information (phone and email) * Short proposal speaking to your experience and setting out how you’d approach the project
* Copy of CV
* Day rates or fee proposal
* Availability
* References from similar engagements