Short-term Technical Consultant

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Short-term Technical Consultant

Short-term Technical Consultant

Request for Proposals

Short-term consultancy to be completed by the end of November 2020. Must be able to start immediately. Budget of up to 20,000 USD.


The technical consultant will develop and implement a methodology to assess up to 8 android apps and up to 6 web apps for the Covid App Project (number of apps to be finalized in discussion with AWO and project partners).

The Covid App research project aims to rigorously assess the use of contact tracing (web and smartphone) applications to combat COVID-19 in fragile countries. We are assessing how technical tools have been designed and deployed, and how they have interacted with public health, human rights, privacy and data protection outcomes in six countries. Our goal is to produce nuanced, evidence-based recommendations on how these tools should (or shouldn’t) be used in fragile country contexts, with a view to safeguarding the principles of inclusive, just societies. Our recommendations will be designed for stakeholders who shape public health and pandemic response, including government authorities, legislators, and social and human rights advocacy organizations.

The project is a partnership between AWO and six project partners based in Latin America, South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The technical review will feed into analysis tied around three core priority areas:
* Effectiveness from a public health perspective.
* Impact on social control/surveillance.
* Impact on development of inequalities and access.

The consultant will scope and tailor a workplan for the technical assessment, with a view to developing relevant technical findings for project partners. Project partners will use these findings to develop recommendations for future advocacy (as linked to the three core priority areas mentioned above); the consultant is expected to tailor their workplan and technical findings accordingly.

Three project partners have already conducted preliminary technical assessments using tools like Lumen . Where analysis already exists, the technical consultant will be expected to review previous technical work, identify gaps and further questions, and conduct new analysis accordingly. In other instances, the technical consultant will conduct a first analysis of the app. The technical consultant will work closely with project partners in the testing of the apps.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have previous experience with Android apps.
  • Be able to work collaboratively with AWO and project partners, in order to propose methodology and finalize the parameters of the technical review.
  • Be able to extend technical findings and recommendations to the project’s focus on public health, human rights, democratic process, and surveillance/social control.
  • Have familiarity of working with the non-profit sector, and with organisations in the Global South.

To Apply:

Please email Sophie and Aparna (; by Sept. 29th with the subject line “Short-term Technical Consultant” and include:
* A CV. Please include language skills.
* A 1-page proposal for a consultancy including: 1) A proposed sample methodology and selected criteria for technical analysis. (See Annex I below for example criteria), and 2) The tools you would use to conduct the technical analysis. Please describe any previous experience with these tools.
* A proposed budget (upto 20,000 USD) and timeline (for deliverables to be submitted by end of November 2020 at the latest).

Annex I: Assessment example questions:

The example questions below are those raised by partners to date, and indicative of the types of issues a technical consultant would need to develop a methodology for and improve upon. Note - some of these questions are not relevant to web apps

General: Privacy

Can include:
* What permissions are required by the app? Access to contacts? Browsing history? Geolocation data?
* What data are collected, and to whom are they transmitted?

General: Security and vulnerabilities.

Can include:
* Are personal information and account credentials stored, processed, or transmitted securely?

Project-specific: Contact tracing

Can include:
* Is the app based on a centralized or decentralized contact tracing architecture? Does the app’s behaviour correspond to the contact tracing system supposedly in place?
* To what extent does the app’s behaviour and design correspond to public statements about the app? (The public statements and expected behaviour will be provided by project partners).