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Eric Kind

Managing Director

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Eric (previously Eric King) oversees our mission and purpose, operations, resources and infrastructure. He is a legal and public policy expert in technology, society and human rights, with particularly deep expertise on surveillance technology law and practice.

Eric previously led public policy development efforts around complex technology policy areas such as security and intelligence, dual use export controls, artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision making, gig economy and the future of work, cyber security, competition, data protection, and platform accountability. He has also led coalitions of NGOs reforming surveillance laws and was the Deputy Director at Privacy International.

Eric is a Visiting Lecturer at Queen Mary University London, where he teaches on criminal justice and surveillance technologies. He holds an LLB from the London School of Economics, where he also occasionally teaches.

He is on the advisory council of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, the Open Rights Group and a member of the Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing.

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